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Grapple Carriage Webinar series

Watch Professor Rein Visser deliver a 3-part webinar series on improving our understanding on cable logging with grapple carriages.

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The 3-part series covers independent and research-based information on:

Advancements in cable logging methods

See different setting set-ups and rigging configurations for grapple carriages.

Grapple Carriage Case Studies

With evidence based research and data such as location, machines and harvest volumes.

Effective production and cost management of grapple carriages

Including real-life scenarios and outcomes.



Rein Visser

Professor at Canterbury University - (Forestry Dept.)


Hunter Harrill

PhD in Forestry


DC Equipment Staff

Manufacturers of Falcon Forestry Equipment

Have Questions?

When does it start?

You can watch the video series in you own time. We will provide a link to the webinar.

How long is the webinar?

The total running time for the three-part series is approx. 1hr 45 mins.

Who is the webinar for?

The Webinar is aimed at a range of people within the forestry sector including harvest managers and planners, distributors and contractors looking to transition to a mechanised operation.

Where can I go to find out further information?

For more information on Falcon Forestry Equipment, visit:


For more information in relation to this webinar, please contact Kyle PakiPaki via